Tenormin has been stated to impair the reaction and alertness of some patients taking it.

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Tenormin has actually likewise been mentioned to enter boob milk and impact a nursing or the health and wellness child.

Hypertension usually has no signs, so you may not also really feel that you have high blood stress.

Atenolol has actually been mentioned to hinder the reaction and awareness of some people taking it.

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Atenolol side results can consist of anxiety, fatigue, anxiousness, sleep problems, reduced libido and impotence.


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The test procedure mirrored that judgment by omitting people regarding blood pressure continually below 100 mm Hg systolic.

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Unless you are sure about the effects this medication has on you, do not produce taken part in hazardous tasks that may lead to traumas. Some typical negative side effects include sleep loss, exhaustion, lessened libido, or difficulty having an orgasm.

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Cardiovascular negative effects occur in much less than 3 % of people and also include bradycardia, hypotension, rainfall of heart failure, and chilly extremities.